Our Service

Our goal is to provide internet users all over the world with all of their favorite content, even when they’re abroad!  We also supply our users with an extra secure connection, so they can stay protected wherever they go.

About us

VPN4EXPATS began when we realized that people living abroad needed a secure, reliable, and affordable way to watch their favorite streaming content and access their favorite content from their home country.  We are passionate about delivering this to our customers.


Our vision is to give all of our expat customers the very best VPN service.  This means providing the fastest, most secure, and easiest to use VPN on the market so that those living and working abroad can browse content with ease.


The purpose of a VPN is to offer you better privacy – however, privacy is not the same thing as being anonymous. When you use a VPN it creates an encrypted connection is made between your device and the chosen VPN service.  This means that if you are trying to hide what you’re doing from snoopers, a VPN is a great option; however, it does not provide 100% anonymity.

If you do not use a high-quality VPN, it can make it possible for you to be tracked.  That is why it’s so important to use a trustworthy and well-configured VPN.  VPN4EXPATS protects your activity by using a secure network, so you do not have to worry about being tracks.

Using a VPN hides what you are doing online, meaning that your ISP won’t be able to throttle your bandwidth, which it might do to make sure that others have better speed.  This means that using a VPN can get you a faster internet speed.